Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dr Ibrahim El Fiky

Dr Ibrahim El Fiky is one of the Most world wide famous lecturers .

About his Diplomas:
► Founder and president of Ibrahim Elfiky International Enterprises inc.
► Founder and president of The Canadian Training Center of Human Development (CTCHD).
► Founder and president of The Canadian Training Center of NLP (CTCNLP).
► Founder and president of The Canadian Training Center of Hypnotherapy.
► Founder and president of Cheops International Seminars inc. (CIS).
► Doctorate in Metaphysics from the University of Metaphysics of Los Angeles.
► Founder of Neuro Conditioning Dynamics™ (NCD™).
► Founder of Power Human Energy™ (PHE).

► Certified trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) from The American Board of NLP.
► Certified Clinical Master Hypnotist from The National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards Hypnosis Education & Certification.

► Certified trainer of Time Line Therapy™ from (T.L.Th.) association.
► Certified Memory Master from The American Memory Institute (AMI).

► Certified Human Development corporate trainer by the government of Quebec/Canada.

► Certified Reiki Trainer from The Reiki Training Center of Canada.
► Specialist with Honors in Human Behavior from The American Hotel and Motel Association (AHMA).

► Specialist with Honors in Marketing & Sales Management from The American Hotel and Motel Association (AHMA).

► Obtained 23 diplomas and the three highest designations in psychology, marketing & sales management and human development.

► Former General Manager of five stars hotels in Montreal/Canada.

► Author of many best selling books, audio and video tapes translated into three languages – English, French and Arabic – and sold millions of copies worldwide.

► Trained over 700,000 people in his seminars around the world.

► Former Egyptian Table Tennis Champion and has a black belt in Kung-Fu “Kuksol”.

Dr. Elfiky lives in Montreal, Canada with his wife, Amal, and their twin daughters, Nancy and Nermine.

His Official WebSite http://www.ibrahimelfiky.com/

And here is a simple Video that introduce Dr Ibrahim ; Download it and watch (12mb only)

We all (Faculty Of Engineering Students - Alex University) have witnessed a great Lecture of the World Wide Famous Dr. Ibrahim El Fiky. it was about (The Ten Keys To Success )These Keys as he said are :
1- الدوافع
2- الطاقة
3- المهارة
4- الفعل
5- التوقع
6- الألتزام
7- المرونة
8- الصبر
9- الأستمرارية
10- التخيل الأبتكارى
And now i will give a hint of his works :

Books in Arabic

"المفاتيح العشرة للنجاح"
"قوة التحكم فى الذات"
"البرمجة اللغوية العصبية وفن الإتصال اللامحدود"
"الأسرار السبعة للقوة الذاتية"
"قــوة التفكــير"

and there is alot of books in English and French.
Some Dvds

"قوة الحماس"

"أيقظ قدراتك وأصنع مستقبلك"

"استراتيجيات الاتصال الفعال"
"استراتيجيات العقل الباطن وتحديد المصير"

"طريقك للتميز"
This is Some Photos of him in other lectures Around the
In American University - Cairo

In Faculty Of Laws - Cairo Univerisity (the ten keys of success)
(just click on the link)


Pictures of Breaking wood


  1. Amazing work done for Dr. Ibrahim El Fiky. Thanks for posting his achievements. Let's not forget him in our Dua'a...May Allah have mercy over his soul and forgive all his sins and for all Muslims, Ameen.

    Let's also always keep learning from the knowledge he left for us and share it with the world.


  2. رحمه الله وأدخله فسيح جناته
    من أكتر الناس اللي أثرت في وخليتني أقدر أكمل حياتي
    ربنا يجزاه خير ويوسع له قبره زي ما وسع لي طريق حياتي وحياة ملايين :((

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