Saturday, August 27, 2011

Software Freedom Day 2011 Third Day

It's over now for SFD 2011 in Alexandria, after two amazing days, here comes the END :S. The 25th August 2011 is the third and last day of SFD this year. It had two amazing sessions , the first was about 'Hackerspaces/Makerspaces and how to start one' given by Cairo Hackerspace member Tarek Ahmed, the session showed the meaning of a Hackerspace and Open Hardware. After that , a very interesting session about 'Entrepreneurship' was given by Samer El-Sahn. People like these sessions a lot.
Finally, the time had came for the 'Closing' by our leader 'Hams' , and a video was shown.

SFD team did their best to make this event as people expected, We worked form 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM every day during the three days of the event and before the event while preparing for it, We were happy doing this and enjoyed every minute together.

I want to thank all the attendees that trusted us and shown up to attend our sessions, demos, contest, ... and other activities.
I also want to thank Bibliotheca Alexandrina for holding this event and any one helped us.
And again i want to thank my NICE team for letting me enjoy these days with you all, hope to see you again soon isA.

take a look on the photos of this final day, and hope that every attendee enjoyed the event with us :).

Preparation :

The two sessions :

Closing & Contests winners : (Closing video is here.)

SFD 2011 TEAM :)

Software Freedom Day 2011 Second Day

After the great first day, Here came the 24th of August 2011, the second day of the event that will last for three days.
The day started with a wonderful session titled 'Product Development' by Hamdy Khalil and during the session , he talked about open source foundations. After that, the session about 'Open Source Intelligence' by Amr Ali was unfortunately cancelled and our SFD team member Sherif Gamal gave a session titled 'Hacking, The art of playing chess' and it was about the common hacking techniques and how viruses and worms work. Finally the day ended with the very exciting Contest, it had 2 Math problems and a Maze problem :D for teams of 3 members each , It was announced that the team that could finish the whole questions correctly in 15 minutes will get an iPad 2 :D , Attendees liked the contest very much and tried their best but only one team finished the 3 questions correctly but not in short time , So the iPad 2 wasn't delivered :D (this smile is for SFD team).
The solutions of the contest were shown and the results were to be announced the next day.

I enjoyed another amazing day with my team, and had a lot of fun.
For any one who didn't attend, you missed a lot this year in SFD 2011, i will let you with some photos of the day.

First 2 sessions :

Contest :

Contest Answers :